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we needs furniture!!

anyone know of a good cheap furniture store?
y'know, besides salvation army. we're not that desperate.

we're in need of a bar table and bar stools, rly modern looking.
couch, love seat, end tables...
tv stand. a few tables to throw here and there so we can sit our pretty things on...

we also need a desk, vacuum... umm.. toaster!!
coffee pot, blender, and tea pot.
iron and ironing board...

ummmm oh and a headboard.
not a rockin' one. we got that covered ;)

looking sunny...ish

today looks to be a bit better... after a depressing day in bed with a headache yesterday. my jaw seems to be back in its 'i'm not going to open today' phase.. today, better. yesterday, not so much. i tried my damndest to eat a corndog to no avail. it hurt so bad just trying to squeeze the damn thing in my mouth far enough to actually get a bite to swallow..

the lady seems to have realized what went wrong on my birthday and has been trying to do better. i sent her a text saying something about 'my jaw is locked, i can't eat' so she picked up spaghetti ingredients after school. it was good to be able to eat. we had a chat about my birthday, to which she responded that she knew she fucked it up and was going to make it up to me.

maybe it was just my depressed mood yesterday, but nothing really cheered me up.
and it sucks i have to use the only birthday presents i got for bills... i was considering starting my alice in wonderland tattoo. or one of my tattoos. i dunno, though. maybe i'll just. use the money for bills.

oh and its probably going to rain again. wee.

my 21st birthday...

it sure was a blast...

i woke up at 6, when lili left for school.
went back to sleep til 8, when my dad called.
went back to sleep after talking to him and eventually got out of bed at noon.

lili text and said she'd be home after 1, because she switched class times at school and her new teacher was making her stay for a bit of his class.

lili got home at 130 and decided we needed to go across houston to meet her friend for something. we were in the car and didn't get home til 5.

she then told me i needed to go to walmart and pick up some tea for her, and get some water and toilet paper.

i got home after 545 expecting my dinner...

but she hadn't done anything.

she finally put it in around 730.

i ate a cornish hen. and water.

then i went to bed at 1030.

she spent 120 dollars on herself yesterday, and 6 on OUR dinner. that she didn't even eat when i did...

problem solved

i bought kyndle a DrinkWell kitty fountain at Petsmart and SHE LOVES IT. She has hopped up on the counter to drink once, and i picked her up and sat her directly in front of the fountain. she has had a few drinks out of it, but i think she's still getting used to it.

a friend from EFA suggested keeping a spray bottle by the bed and spraying at her when she meows or paws at me to wake me up. she knows the spray bottle.,.. we keep her off the counter tops and from under the bed (she loves to shred the boxes under there).

we shall see.

someone please leave some advice...

I posted this on a cat expert website... Didn't feel like typing it again. Please leave some advice, if you have any. Lili and I are both sick of this behavior Kyndle has adopted lately...

I have a year old cat named Kyndle. I rescued her from abandonment; she was found with her litter without a mother when they were very young. I have done everything the vet recommended health-wise. She's up to date on every vaccine and check up. Since I got her, Kyndle has proved to be more like a human child than a kitten. She responds when anyone speaks to her with different kinds of meows. I think she feels lonely without my partner or I around. Lately, however, she's been driving us both beyond crazy. She absolutely refuses to drink out of a bowl. I change the water and wash the slimeys out of her bowl daily. She only wants to drink from a tap. Kyndle also has a very annoying habit of waking me up EVERY morning at least twice. Lately it has been around five am and seven am. I don't need to be up that early, but she will not calm down until someone gets up and puts more food in her bowl (usually she has plenty) or turns the water on for her. Some days I'm ready to put a 'cat for sale' ad up. Other days are better. But I can't keep doing the early morning thing. Any advice?

Also know that I've tried putting her out of our room and shutting the door. She will meow outside of the door and paw at it aggressively, causing much banging noises that don't allow sleep. We have a cage for her that we use for time out purposes and taking her to the vet. It's very small (thanks to my mother; we had a larger one that was hers and she took it back and bought the teeny tiny one). I don't feel very humane by leaving her in there all night long without food/water/litter box. I desperately need advice.

leaving for houston

i'll be in houston from august 22nd to august 28th. i'm going to secure the apartment, get our stuff moved, and see my lady! :) anyone still interested in hair cuts, please let me know and i'll get in touch when i get back!


is the hardest game to play.

Lantern Village

We've decided on Lantern Village.

All bills paid! Wee! Our only hold back will be if they don't let Lili's mom cosign without being present. She's going to cosign for her, but the application will have to be faxed to her. Cross your fingers.

Take a look at the reviews here.

It seems this place is pretty okay; the main concern with people renting here are the stringent rules. It seems some of the renters that are unhappy are younger - a young woman said not to rent there because the security guard wouldn't let her friend in without her ID. Well duh, stupid. He's only doing his job. I could get used to strict rules if it meant my safety. :)

SIGH wish us luck...

So Basically...

none of those apartments have a short term lease option, so they're all out. we've now decided that a short term lease will be a good opportunity to look for a better place and get out of the bad neighborhood. tanglewood at voss is our starting point for the long term living arrangement. we just need something starting in september, for three months. or less, if available.

tanglewood features covered parking, wireless internet, an alarm system, washer/dryer in unit, island kitchens, and three miles from the art institute. less in rent that what we'd thought too :)

sigh. i'm still anxious about the first couple of months. all i need is for our things to be stolen AGAIN...


i cannot wait until june of 2011 rolls around.
please, god, get me through the next twenty two months.