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Miss Ashlee has a lot to say

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5 October
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DOB:October 5th
Birthplace:Newton, KS
Current location:Houston, TX
Eye color:Blue
Hair Color:Blonde and Purple!
Piercings:1 in each ear, snake bites
Tattoos:Hello Kitty, two dedicated to Rocky Horror
Band/Singer:Green Day
Song:don't have one!
Genre of Music:Techno/Rock/Rap(thx to Lili)
TV show(s):The L Word/Nip Tuck/King of the Hill/South Park
Movie(s):don't have one!
Food:Anything chicken. Yumm!
Store:American Eagle
Drink:I don't drink... so Dr. Pepper!
Clothing Brand:American Eagle
Shoe Brand:Converse/I guess :)
Animal:Puppies or Kittens
Pizza topping:Pepperoni
This or That:
Sunny or rainy:Rainy
Chocolate or vanilla:Chocolate
Fruit or veggie:Fruit
Night or day:I like both :)
Sour or sweet:Sweet
Love or money:BOTH!
Phone or in person:txt?
Poor & happy or rich & miserable:I'd rather be happy any day:)
Looks or personality:Looks are just that - personality is deeper
Coffee or tea:neither, thanks
Hot or cold:Warm and cool :)
Goal for this year:Get an amazing job at a salon!
Most missed memory:Friends at school goofing off during Theory :)
Best physical feature:Eyes
First thought waking up:ugh.
Do you wanna get married:I am :)
Do you wanna have kids:no thanks
If so, how many:----
Do you wanna go to college:I did go to college.
What do you want to be:An amazing hairstylist!
Do You:
Dance in the rain:When I have the opportunity
Shower daily:Yes. Wee!
Like thunderstorms:Love them
Sing:Not publically
Play an instrument:Yes, the viola and the piano
Think you are good looking:For the most part
Get along with your parents:My mom, not so much. My dad, yes
Other Questions:
Can you whistle:Yes
Right or left handed:I'm right handed
Your bedtime:whenever I can't keep my eyes open
Biggest fear:throwing up
3 things you can't live without:My girlfriend, my cell phone, air
Color of your room:wellll.. the one at my mom's is red.
Siblings:Halie is 15, Taylor is 17, Brooke is 12, and Zack is 10
Middle name:Nicole
Pets:Kyndle! my kitty
Nicknames:none :(
For or against gay marriage:FOR IT, YO!
Thoughts on abortion:I wouldn't have one, but it's not for me to tell you what to do with your body.
If you could be anywhere right now where would you be:Canada, maybe.
Do you wear contacts/glasses:glasses only sometimes
Are you afraid of the dark:nope
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